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April 26 2018

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Upgrading Your Accommodations

Boutique hotels serve as an alternative to the chain hotel experience, and more and more people are now choosing this option as they learn about the benefits of doing so. Why do people prefer a Boutique Hotel? How does it differ from its larger counterparts?

Luxurious Accommodations

People often avoid large hotels as they are crowded and every room looks the same. In fact, with many of these chain hotels, a person may not even be able to distinguish their room in one city from a place they stayed in clear across the country. This isn't the case when one stays at a boutique hotel. The facility works to provide a unique style, image, or experience, as opposed to focusing solely on the functionality of the accommodations.

A Personalized Experience

Customer service is a top priority for boutique hotels. Guests feel pampered when they stay at one of these place. From the extremely comfortable mattress in the bedroom to the plush lobby, the individual will feel as if the entire experience is a treat for their senses. This is never a statement that one hears in reference to chain hotels. Furthermore, many of these facilities offer a better quality of food and drink along with concierge service to ensure guests have access to everything they desire.


The smaller size of boutique hotels leads to a warm ambiance. Most accommodations of this type have 25 rooms or less to ensure guests feel right at home. In addition, these accommodations have a local feel. The visitor gets a better understanding of the area he or she is visiting and yet never feels claustrophobic, which is a problem with some bed and breakfasts.

Modern Amenities

Many boutique hotels are brand new, constructed from the ground up. The owners focus on the design and decor of the property, and this is one of the first things guests notice when they arrive to check in. They'll immediately see they are staying someone designed with them in mind, as opposed to staying in a cookie-cutter room in a hotel that looks like numerous others around the country.

Consider a boutique hotel when you book your next business or leisure trip. Every hotel of this type is different, and this only heightens the travel experience. People want to learn about a new city and all it has to offer, and the accommodations should reflect this. When staying in a boutique hotel, this is exactly what you will get. As the price is very similar to what individuals pay when staying at a chain hotel, this is one option every traveler should try at least once.

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